Where should we be donating maternity / infant stuff?
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Looking for the most responsible and effective place to donate gently or not-at-all used breast pump supplies (breast guards, milk containers, unused sanitizing bags, that sort of thing), infant clothing, some toys, etc in New York City, more specifically within Brooklyn. We're sure we could just drop this off at a shelter but want to make sure it will be distributed and used by those that have the most need. Any suggestions?
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I've donated a lot of such stuff recently. I just called each individual women's shelter and asked if they wanted the stuff. Most said that they couldn't accept stuff like a breast pump, but were happy to have kids' clothes and unused diapers.
We gave the breast pump (which was basically new, and whose plastic parts can be easily sterilized in boiling water) to a friend's daughter, who had just had a baby and was having trouble getting the baby to latch. So maybe just ask around amongst parent/daycare/friend connections for this. Your state laws may prevent any regulated agency (like a shelter or school or daycare) from accepting a used breast pump.
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I posted in my local parent groups on Facebook - maternity and infant clothes, equipment, breast pump and other things we outgrew as the baby grew older. Most items were snapped up in minutes. I find there are people in local parenting groups who would normally not ask for such things, but need them.
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I donated all breastfeeding related items to moms who donate breadtmilk to other babies in need. Human Milk for Human Babies is a good group, as is Eats on Feets. You can contact a mod via their FB groups.

I donated all maternity clothes and continue to donate kid stuff to a friend of mine who works for our local CPS office. She in turn gives it to families who do emergency fostering (I'm not exactly sure who she gives the maternity stuff to but she says she is able to turn it around).
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Not as many places take donated breast pumps since Obamacare started covering them for all mothers. The used market has collapsed, too.
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Crisis pregnancy centers often either provide donations to needy mothers, or help them to access resources such as donations, and could direct you as to where these items are needed. I'm sure if you called a few they'd be happy to help.
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I also recommend your local Human Milk For Human Babies Group. Ask the moderators first if its ok to post your goods as they are somewhat strict about the postings.

Agree that there’s a glut of pumps on the market but I was really happy to have 2, as I left one at work and one at home. I picked up my second one from a posting on Craigslist (I think) but any other free/trade marketplace may be good.
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