How can I import my .csv and still keep my Excel Formatting?
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I have a formatted Excel Workbook (column widths, headers, colors, etc) that I need to populate with data from a .csv. If I open the workbook and csv, copy and paste, all is good...however I want to automate this a bit. Doing an import brings in the data, but all the formatting disappears! I appreciate any thoughts! KIT
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I mean what I'd do is lazy and probably not best practices:

I'd make the carefully laid out workbook my columns just so etc, then make all the sort-able data vlookups or index to another sheet were I would dump that .csv every time I need to update it and bingo presentable front page with ugly .csv hidden on sheet 2
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CSV by nature does not store formatting, so I think that something like French Fry's solution is the only way, and it can be "best practices". Separate data from presentation.

Either that, or you could add some extra rows to your CSV with encoded formatting information, and have some VBA import script that applies the formatting to your data, but that's even less clean.
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I just ran a couple of tests. If I have an Excel workbook, format a few columns (bold / underline / colors / etc), and Import External Data from Text (selecting a CSV file), my formatting is retained (except column widths, which autofit)... This is with Excel 2010.
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You can also cut and paste your csv data into your formatted Excel document, copy a row or column that has the formatting you would like to apply, then use Paste Special... and select Formats. That will paste the desired formatting on the selected cells while leaving the original data undisturbed.
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