Looking for carribean reccomendations
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We need to get away, we love Isla Mujeres, but we've been there 3 times already. What are some other places to go that have a similar feel?

I really liked Isla because it's easy to get to, but enough off the beaten track that it's not overrun with other tourists, and you get a chance to experience some of the local culture. There are just so many resorts and places to choose from that I'm kind of overwhelmed, so I'm hoping people will be able to tell me about the amazing places that they've stayed and loved.

What we're looking for:
nice beach
decent hotel
snorkelling - one place we are considering on Roatan you can snorkel right off of the beach, so that seems very cool.
maybe all inclusive
direct flight from Toronto
not totally isolated from local culture
anything historical nearby would be cool, or an ecotour...
good food

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I LOVE Tulum.

Awesome beach
Good hotels
some snorkeling
direct to Cancun with a sweet bus that waits at the airport. Under 20 bucks still I bet.
Near Tulum town which is great for restaurants and shops and culture.
Tulum ruins and other ruins nearby
A bunch of cenotes to explore nearby, a with a bit of a different feel.
Incredible food.
I think there is an all inclusive but it you stay in a hotel right on the beach you can just stroll to the local restaurants.

I've done it about 10 times now. Pretty great
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Yeah Tulum and parts nearby.
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darn, I guess what I forgot to put into the post is that we have gone to Mexico a bunch of times, and though we adore it, would like to try going somewhere else. thanks!
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The Cayes of Belize are lovely. You could also look into the Virgin Islands or Granada.

But Roatan is really really great. I loved it there.
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direct flight from Toronto

That narrows it down pretty significantly. I'd start with that list and see what is available. (Actually.... wow, you all have a lot of good direct flights out of Toronto)
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