How do I find a replacement class ring from Newcomb College?
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A loved one who is a 2000 graduate of Newcomb College (the former women’s college of Tulane University) has lost her class ring. The ring was made by local New Orleans jeweler Mignon Faget, but when I called one of their shops for help I was referred to the college. Unfortunately, Newcomb College was closed by Tulane in their renewal plan after Hurricane Katrina. Does anyone have any suggestions for finding a replacement ring from this now defunct college?
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Has she contacted Tulane? Or maybe specifically the Newcomb Alumnae Association at Tulane?
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Did you try the alumnae organization?
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Did you try the customer service number? 1-800-375-7557
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The acorn ring! I am also a Newcomb alum. IIRC the ring was sold through the college.

Newcomb College was closed by the University (grrrrr), but there is still an active alumnae association and the Newcomb Institute. I'd Geneva, she can probably point you in the right direction. I'm sure they have backstock somewhere. Calling Mignon Faget corporate is also a good idea.
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Yes, contact Newcomb College Institute. They still sell those rings.
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