i don't want to bring my own lemon
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Looking for tart teas.

There's sour beers - now I want sour teas. Or tart, at least. I already like Tazo's Wild Sweet Orange. What else will I like?
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Hibiscus flowers, a.k.a. flor de jamaica, make amazing sour tea. Good on its own or with mint or ginger or cinnamon.
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The Celestial Seasonings Zinger line will work. As nebulawindphone mentioned, hibiscus is the ingredient that gives the sour punch.
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Rosehip tea is very flavorful and sour (if unsweetened). Can’t drink it due to childhood overexposure to Hagebuttentee in German institutional settings ...but otherwise I’d totally still drink it. Hot or cold.
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Dried limes are a traditional tea in Iraq. I think the authentic method is to simmer the limes for ten minutes or more and add sugar. i.e. this or this. Personally I break them open, put the black inside bits in a cup and discard the rind, then pour boiling water over them and leave for four or five minutes. And then strain it if you’re feeling fancy or just work around the gloopy lime bits, which mainly sink to the bottom of the cup after a while.

It has some of the sourness of limes but it’s sort of earthy or musty.
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Like LKWorking mentioned, the Zinger teas (especially Red Zinger), Passion from Tazo is in a similar vein. I've been drinking a lot of Tao of Tea's Bollywood lately and it's very nice.
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This Tazo passion tea is nice and tart. Brew it for at least 5 minutes with boiling water and maybe give it a minute boost in the microwave.
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Numi Dry Desert Lime might suit.
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coffee berry tea
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Tazo's Passion, microwaved to maximize extraction, is my go-to for this sort of thing. It has added citric acid and is deliciously enamel-stripping.
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The David's Teaflavour Midsummer Night's Dream is exceptionally good! It's very citrusy.
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Not to leech on another answer but I too really really like hibiscus tea, I like it cold, it's good with no sugar and it's also good with a very small amount of sugar to just cut the tartness a tiny bit and as mentioned a cinnamon stick in there is just fine too.

Anyway I'm sure there are different or better options but at grocery stores in this region you can buy a pack of Badia brand hibiscus tea near all the other Badia stuff if you'd like to give it a try without sinking more than $3.
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My local grocery store carries a loose leaf sour cherry tea. It is...very tart. Regrettably, I don't have any in the house right now and I can't remember the specific brand. I will have to look tomorrow and report back.
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adagio teas does a sour apple tea and a blood orange tea that are both hibiscus-based and they are so good. SO GOOD. i add honey most times but when i need something to turn my mouth inside out i SHUN THE SWEETNESS and by god it is glorious.
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Twining's Cranberry & Blood Orange tea is exactly this for me. Just a small drop of sugar (not honey) helps bring out the flavor even more.
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I've found all the wild puerhs I've tried so far to be sour in a sort of pineapply way.
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Stash Teas Very Berry is my go-to for tart teas. It contains hibiscus, rooibus, rosehips, raspberry, cranberry, and strawberry.
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