Pattern ID, on Japanese Ceramic bowls?
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Does the bamboo pattern on these bowls have a name? They're probably Japanese.
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Hmmm. Here are the same bowls on Etsy, though it doesn't give a name to the pattern there.
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I have a mug with this same pattern. It is also unmarked, but I do know that it dates from at least the early 1980s.
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Here is a matching sake bottle, and here is a tea set with the importer's sticker still in place on the bottom. Miya doesn't seem to carry the pattern currently, however.

Here is a small pitcher with a similar pattern but a different finish, and here is a set showing the maker's mark. A variant of the pattern is being sold as a tissue transfer for transferware here.

I don't have an answer, but perhaps one of these might help you with new keywords to search for.
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That type of cobalt blue paint on white ceramic is called "blue and white pottery" (sometsuke 染付 in Japanese and qīnghuā 青花 in Chinese). Bamboo is 竹 (take in Japanese or zhú in Chinese. Plugging both of those terms into a search engine will get you similar patterns. There is no specific name for this pattern that I know of; bamboo is more of a common motif than an actual named pattern in Chinese and Japanese ceramics.
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