Beautifully illustrated puzzle book
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Looking for a “find the objects / find the situations” fantasy-themed puzzle book with very well-executed and slightly grotesque painted illustrations. By puzzle book I mean similar to Where’s Waldo / Where’s Wally or the Usborne Puzzle Adventure series. Clues inside!

- As mentioned, medieval / fantasy theme, painted illustrations (kind of like the Discworld cover illustrations, although more Paul Kidby’s style than Josh Kirby’s). Each puzzle was a double-page spread.

- It featured a small group of characters going on a quest to a location that was an anagram of DRAGON (or DRAGONS). The illustrations focused on the characters getting into scrapes on every spread (the details that the reader had to find were more incidental).

- The first spread featured a market, I think inside a castle, seen in three-quarter view. One of the other illustrations was in a swamp, seen horizontally with a view above and below the water.

- The book was in print in the 90s in the UK.
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Best answer: Dragon Quest, by Nick Harris.
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Response by poster: That’s it!! Thank you so much, theodolite.
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np. This book stuck in my mind too, and I had recently googled it up. Apparently there is an equally odd Star Quest by the same illustrator!
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In a similar vein, you may also enjoy The Eleventh Hour.
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