need "sunglasses" for my office
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i need sunglasses to stare at my computer screen because my office is insanely bright.

while seated at my computer screen I am facing due south in florida and in my line of sight: full wall to wall floor to ceiling windows, wrapping around behind me; water, pool, bright white concrete, behind me (is a white PVC fence which reflects sun for most of the day too) in short it's REAL bright in here.

so sometimes i wear my regular sunglasses (ironically found through another askme). is there something better? i feel like these have kinda crappy lenses with distortion etc. I can't seem to come up with the right google term for "sunglasses for staring at a computer screen in a very brightly lit room. i thought of just buying some polarized sunglasses with higher light transmissivity but... ya know. is there some science?
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At risk of stating the obvious, is it possible to rearrange the room or get a shade (pull down or adhesive) for the window? Maybe a shoji-style screen in front of the window? This sounds awful.
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not thread sitting. but i should have stated this. no, it is not possible. the room is essentially wrapped 100% with windows and is the only place for an office (my home). i tried rotating but then the screen was washed out almost completely.
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I get light-triggered migraines from harsh office lighting in winter and I have a pair of these. They help a lot.
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I saw Gunnar glasses on Shark Tank last night. According to the guy, they block sixty-five percent of blue light. Don't know if they'd help much for direct or reflected sunlight, but just thought I'd share since they are fresh in my mind.
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You might be damaging your eyes by working in such an area. You should talk to an eye doctor about protective eyewear.
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Sunglasses are a good idea, as dark as possible. You can get tinted window film, which would also reduce AC costs, blinds, shades, and/or a screen. Or, you know, curtains.
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the room is essentially wrapped 100% with windows and is the only place for an office (my home). i tried rotating but then the screen was washed out almost completely.

Why not install vertical blinds? If it's your home, surely you have the latitude to do that (at first I assumed this was in an office setting where you couldn't make changes like that).
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I worked in an environment like this for a couple of years. Don't do it. Really. Do not do this to yourself. Don't know what you're dealing with but I was able to work out a setup with these: Ikea wire curtain hanger things. That enabled me to have a 50% shade and a near blackout shade as I wanted.

You want a very muted light environment if you are a screen user.
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Consider Rainbow Optx - maybe the aqua or the rose? The lenses drastically alter the color of the light (obviously) with full UV400 protection but I find most of the colors wearable indoors and on cloudy days.

Note: you should NOT wear these glasses as a driver or pedestrian, since they can alter the color of traffic signals.
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can it be assumed that the only workable solution is that i would like a pair of glasses that have good quality lenses for reading a screen. should they be polarized? low light transmission? (like 7%) or higher like 75%? bluelight isn't an issue (it's daylight i struggle with), curtains, blinds, room dividers all not possible. i can squint or use sunglasses. just looking for more information about using a screen while wearing them, and suggestions of what types might work.
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The reason you probably don't like wearing your regular sunglasses indoors is the polarization. It can really throw things off.

I think you should go see your eye doc about this. You don't want to mess around with your vision.
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Polarized lenses generally don't work very well with LCD monitors, since those monitors rely on polarized light in their functioning. So let me un-recommend that.
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Eye shields for photosensitivity, and when you google those you'll also find the advice to see your eye doctor, which, do. I feel your pain!
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Have you tried wearing a sunhat? I know it sounds odd but it totally works to blot out extraneous light.
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