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How can I get all the news articles I want to read on my Kindle?

Here's the situation:
I want to read news articles of interest to me during my commute on my Kindle, which only has internet connectivity in my apartment.
The places I actually see articles I want to read are:
- On my computer, when I browse Metafilter and other sites
- On my (Android) phone when browsing Facebook: I "like" a number of periodicals so articles show up in my feed, also friends post interesting things.

Is there an easy way to do this? Does Pocket sync across devices? Should I set up an RSS feed on my Kindle somehow? (I don't really know what an RSS feed is, so if this answer is yes, please explain.) Should I change my browsing habits such that I just read the damn articles immediately upon seeing them, even if that means not having the time to browse for others of interest?
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P2K - Pocket to Kindle looks promising. Here is an alternative: https://www.fluentin3months.com/pocket-to-kindle/
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Instapaper is the tool that I've used for some time.

You install a js bookmarklet on your desktop browser and the app on your iPhone or (I guess) android phone.

Then when you see something you like you hit the bookmarklet to save to Instapaper. If you are on mobile there is a share widget that does the same thing.

Instapaper is a website and a mobile app where you can see, order and manage your feed and read articles in a "reader view" as well if you would like.

Then in instapaper you configure your own Kindle digest settings. Send me the x unread articles on y day. Alternately you can trigger a send of a digest on demand. I do this. I hit a button that sends the next 20 articles as a digest to my kind.

When you've read the digest there is a link at the end to hit that will tell instapaper to mark these articles read.

It works great and I've been using it for years. There is also a bookmarklet that Instapaper gives you that will instantly send whatever article you are reading to Kindle as a standalone. I use this all the time too.

Downside is that the digests pile up on my kindle and in my kindle account and I have to go in and clean up every few months. I wish they worked like magazine subscriptions and piled up in a folder instead.

Risk is that I don't use Android, so it might not be as well integrated.
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My husband subscribes to a couple of newspapers via Amazon and reads them exclusively on his Kindle.
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Came to suggest Instapaper. It's fantastic on a Kindle.
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Thirding Instapaper. I get a digest every Friday of all the stuff I've added during the week, and quite often manually generate one if there's a few things I want to read and I don't want to wait until Friday.
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