Help me surprise my partner for his last day of a job!
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My partner has been suffering through a crummy job that he's thankfully leaving for an awesome new one! This Friday is his last day at said crummy job, and I'd like to come up with a clever way to commemorate the occasion. Can you help me out?

I'd love to do something that commemorates his long wait for an awesome new job with the NYC department of transportation, working with bikes and public space/figuring out better ways for people to get around with their own power. It's super awesome for him and it's going to do wonders for his mental health. I'd love to mark how proud I am of him with a little surprise.

Other items possibly of note:
- He's leaving Friday right after work to take a trip without me, so I won't be able to surprise him with some sort of event then.
- I was thinking of sending him something at his current job, but it might be kinda weird to get a 'celebratory' thing in front of his current boss/others if it's too showy.
- I'm willing to spend $
- I'd love to connect it to his new job re: bicycling but it's not necessary
- he loves adventure; is super outgoing and creative

Any and all ideas would be much appreciated! I'm normally great at surprises but this one has me a bit stumped.
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Awesome breakfast on his last day?
Cool office supplies for the new job?
Nifty bike art for his new desk?
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Is there something you can do for him on his trip that might be celebratory? Arrange a local bike tour where he is going? Tuck a good urbanist book in his carry on? If you contact his hotel, you can probably arrange for flowers or the like to greet him in his room?
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Maybe get him a gift that morning of something bike related? Does he need a new messenger bag, new lights, anything like that? Then take him our for coffee that morning to give him the gift.
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Does he have or want a CitiBike membership? Would he like Janette Sadik-Khan's Streetfight book? Congrats to him!
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Also, if I can put in a plug for someone I know, Redbeard is a neat bike shop that does gift certificates.
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Overnight him a bike chain bottle opener and have his hotel deliver him a celebratory 6 pack of something tomorrow.
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- I was thinking of sending him something at his current job, but it might be kinda weird to get a 'celebratory' thing in front of his current boss/others if it's too showy.

A CD of the Best of Johnny Paycheck, which will include the song "Take This Job and Shove It".
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Thanks everyone!

I LOVE the book idea so I got him Streetfight (perfect title choice, ferret branca!), and will also be putting Take This Job and Shove It on a USB drive instructing him to play it on his last day at work. Also will try to wake up early and make him some coffee, and if I can get to it before Friday try to pick up a bike trinket (possibly a bottle opener) at Redbeard.

REALLY appreciate all of your stellar suggestions!
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