Recovering after burglary
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We got burgled (including the burglar coming into our bedroom whilst we were asleep) and I feel gutted and terrified and sucky and I need help. UK.

I am looking into getting help on the NHS front, but I know how stretched they are. We have no money to get private help. We have been referred to Victim Support, but my previous contact with them (years ago) was appalling, though I'm willing to try. Are there other avenues that might help /other things I might try?
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Hugs. That is understandably scary and unnerving. I cannot help you with UK options, but had the unfortunate experience of interrupting a burglary in my house. Talk to your friends and neighbors because they may have good resources for you plus you need their emotional support.

It's scary. It's not something you forget over time but it does lessen.

To feel more safe in the future, do what you can to be proactive and take back 'possession' of your house. Make it yours again either by measures to update something or ceremoniously such as burning sage or whatever.

I talked to local law enforcement folks, retired and active. The one thing that they all said was effective in prevention (because you'll always have that uncertainty in the back of your mind) was to have noisy alarms on doors and windows. A monitoring service isn't necessary but may relieve your psyche.
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Maybe Ieso, which offers online CBT, would help? It's free on the NHS in some locations, although I don't know whether yours is one of them.

The NHS has a list of all of its online mental health services here.
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I was gonna recommend SilverCloud, which is the online CBT service my council uses. Check with your GP practice. Also maybe give Mind a call?

Can you borrow a big dog for a while to feel safer, or install a burglar alarm, as suggested by mightshould? Here's a basic one for £100 (I've ordered from these guys, they're fab).
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Sorry to hear this happened to you. I can't help you with your local services, but strongly urge you to do anything within your power to make your home more burglar-proof. Not only will this help you feel more secure, and hopefully help with the emotional fallout from the burglary, it will prevent a repeat visit, after you have replaced the stolen items (a common occurrence here).
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I've also had the unfortunate experience of a burglar coming into our bedroom while we were sleeping. It took about a month before I slept normally again. We bought and installed a security system (Abode) and that brought a feeling of relief. I also burned some sage, I think.

I also felt better when I cleaned up the mess the burglar had made and got rid of some of the things he had pawed through.

I'm sorry this happened to you.
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Thanks, everyone. I burned the sage and it did help. We've got an alarm on order and I've rearranged the furniture and it's all helped. Also, my GP was actually terrific (we went very over the allotted 15 minutes!) It's going to take a while, but I'm feeling much less hectic than I was.
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