Which disability organization?
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I've got a friend in medical school who is having problems related to a physical disability. I have already put her in touch with the Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science and Medical Education, as well as people from my personal network. Can you think of other organizations that may be of help? Feel free to PM me if you prefer. Thank you!
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Her University disability service office should be her first stop.
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This depends a lot on the nature of the problem, but she could look into talking to the university ombudsman.
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Her school’s disability office is definitely the first step; if that hasn’t been helpful, what type of support is she looking for? Advice, someone to advocate on her behalf, an attorney? Where is her school located?
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Possibly a local office of Department of Health & Human Services. I believe these are state-run, so the name might vary slightly. It really depends on what sort of problems you're talking about though. Can you elaborate?
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Sorry that I have to be so vague. Yes, she wants all of the above--advice, advocacy, referrals to attorneys. She is having problems getting the accommodations she needs. Her program is in the U.S..
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Check to see if you have a local Center for Independent Living. Here is a list by state, I'm sure it's not exhaustive but might give you an idea of where to start.
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In my experience at multiple universities, the disability service office is excellent at helping students getting their needs met, training faculty on how to adhere to accomodations, and provides tons of support. It isn't clear in your question, but that is the place to go. I occasionally have a student who isn't registered with disability services and it is much harder for me as faculty because I can't plan as easily.
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Chiming in to second contacting Disability Student Services. Depending on service availability in her state your friend may also want to look into the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. I struggled with getting needs met and accommodations set up all throughout my graduate school program as a wheelchair-using human but most of my information is very Washington-specific; feel free to PM me if you'd like :)
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This isn't specifically an organization, but there is an ongiong Docs with Disabilities campaign through UMichigan Medicine and there may be some resources and/or support there.
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