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Music/Roleplaying Filter: I'm running a science fiction tabletop roleplaying game for friends, and it's been superbly fun. We've talked about adding some mood music to help set the scene (e.g., foot combat; space dogfighting; exploring a space station; walking down the streets of an arcology). What are your favorite songs that could fit right into the fictional year 2120?

In particular, I'm running the old White Wolf game Trinity. So, think: psychic agents; futuristic intrigue; lasers; interstellar travel and sights; techno-utopias and dystopias; scary AND friendly(?) alien life.

What are your favorite futuristic, space opera-y, sci-fi songs and soundtracks that could help set the mood? I'd love recommendations for everything from vocal art, to primarily instrumental pieces, to anime/J-Pop, to movie soundtracks, et cetera. For example, I've collected a number of tracks from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex soundtrack.
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You might like this space opera playlist on Spotify. (NB: It's an unordered list.)
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There’s a new release, Microshift, from the band Hookworms - all of the very cool music nerds are going crazy over it. Lots of fuzz and lasers and some pop punk and new wave and glam rock references.
So if you want the newest and coolest this is a good option.
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There's a neat site called Tabletop Audio that has tons of 10 minute loops you can download, e.g. "Orbital Promenade" or "Dome City Center."
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Our gaming group has adopted the practice of making a Spotify playlist for every new campaign, posting songs that remind us of the setting or our characters, or songs we think our characters would like. So if your players are on Spotify, I'd recommend setting up a playlist and adding the songs they like.

As an actual answer: The Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis. Some of the tracks are a old-fashioned and noir-ish, but lots of great electronic sci-fi sounding stuff.
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Deltron 3030 is a rap opera concept album set in a dystopian year 3030.
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There is a lot of synthwave that would fit the bill but Dynatron seems particular apt if you want something outer-spacey and cinematic.
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Steve Hillage plays old-school sci-fi-oriented rock music. There's also classic Hawkwind.
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The Battlestar Galactica soundtracks by Bear McCreary would be great. Ultimate space opera. Very futuristic and moody stuff.

You might also like the sound of some space-y electronic music albums, which work very well as background: Calibre's Grow, or the Floating Points album Elaenia or Reflections.
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Stellardrone for all your ambient, floating in space needs.
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I submit the works of Makeup and Vanity Set.
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Are there any parts of the GITSAC soundtrack that you most prefer? I think it's rather wide ranging; the parts that I prefer, like "Train Search," "Stamina Rose," and "Run Rabbit Junk" fit well with industrial, drum & bass, and electronic music generally. I often think ambient music sounds spacy too. Anyway, here are some artists/albums I might choose for space adventure.

Bill Laswell, the Sacred System album series
Jega, Spectrum or Variance
Aphex Twin, Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2
Biosphere, Insomnia
Front Line Assembly, Airmech, Epitaph, Artificial Soldier
Photek, Form & Function
Robert Rich, Below Zero

I always recommend the original Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtracks for gaming music because they are wide ranging and dramatic.
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Deep Space One
Space Station
Sonic Universe
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Quindar uses old NASA recordings...and quindar tones... to make music. They are on Spotify, Youtube, etc.
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The Fantastic Planet soundtrack is very delicious!

Also Steve Moore makes some cool synthed out sci-fi type stuff.

And ... Ash Ra Tempel can take you into outer space.
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Wow! Thank you all for the truly fabulous and awesome suggestions! They're all really superb, we will not be wanting for great mood music now. :)
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Came here to recommend Tabletop Audio, but someone already has, so I'll point out their amazing SoundPad feature that lets you create your own soundscapes from loads of elements.
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