Identify vintage fabric from Hong Kong?
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My mom doesn't sew much anymore which means that all the fabric she's hoarded over the past few decades are available to me. Yay! Today I'm wondering about flannel (picture inside) that my grandfather brought over from Hong Kong 40+ years ago. I'd love ANY more info on it. (Fabric type, pattern, etc.)


It feels like a flannel, with the nap on the wrong side instead of the right side. Compared to what I'm accustomed to as flannel, it is thinner and less soft, and the nap is barely 'fuzzy'. I remember my grandfather wearing PJ bottoms out of this material.

Bonus question: Any suggestions for what to do with this (I have basic skills)? When I dug it out of my mom's storage closet I was instantly suffused with nostalgia and memories of my grandfather. I like the idea of having a reminder of him in a more permanent or decorative fashion. I have a scant two yards' worth.

Thanks all!
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Probably cotton but you can use a tiny bit to do a burn test. This is important if you want to combine it with another fabric as it is best not to mix protein and cellulose (eg. wool and cotton) as they require different cleaning methods.
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I really like that patter, a throw pillow would be nice. A stuffed dragon would be more ambitious.
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I would also make PJ bottoms out of them because the nap is on the inside and the pretty is on the outside. And PJ bottoms are easy to make.
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What a neat find for you. I would suggest a few drawstring bags (very easy to make) and to use some of the fabric to make a lap quilt. Quilts don’t have to be fancy. Cut out squares, pin together, see. Once your top is made, add a layer of batting (second-hand old worn blankets are great for this) and add a back (piece together more fabric or use an old sheet). You don’t have to actually quilt it, you can tie it down with yarn. Either of these projects are very simple with a machine and won’t cost much. Have fun!
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Reupholster a chair seat?
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It might be viyella, a wool/cotton mix that doesn't seem to be made anymore. = It used to be used a lot for pyjamas, shirts and children's clothes.
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I would make a little satchet stuffed with lavender out of this.
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