ISO: funny safe-for-work wallpaper for iPhone
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A pharmacist friend has this as their work iPhone's wallpaper. It's perfect: funny, silly, work-safe, doesn't demean anyone. What's an equivalent phone wallpaper for someone who works in IT, especially in enterprise IT? I used to have one about "have you tried turning it off and on again" but it rubbed me the wrong way as a dig against end users.
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It's more programming than IT but I think just about everyone's had some kind of long running process that leads to this.
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Might be too meme-ish, but this one is appropriate for so many situations: This is Fine. Everything's always on fire in IT, right?
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Any variation on “quick cheap good, pick any two” Venn diagrams?
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maybe chickens?
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There are multiple sources, but I liked this - You could customize this for your phone.
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I like the various versions of "There is no Cloud. It's just someone else's computer."
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