How can I buy Soohorang (2018 Olympics mascot) swag?
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A young friend is having a tough year and he loves Soohorang (the 2018 Olympic tiger mascot). I'm trying to figure out how and where to buy him a sweatshirt and headband from South Korea and sent to the US. Any advice? Hoping not to pay the exorbitant rates for things listed on eBay ($39 for a headband etc). Thanks!
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I'll be at Incheon Airport TOMORROW. If you get me some idea of what you want, I might be able to pick you up something?
I realize you said a sweatshirt and headband but like color/size/style
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Thanks FP! My spouse sent you a DM.
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If FP doesn't work out, I have an unusually large number of friends working at the Games.
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