Small Plates in NYC?
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Friends I haven't seen in ages are coming to visit! I want to find us (party of three) a restaurant to go to where we can split a series of small plates, without splurging too much. (NYC)

Basically our favorite thing to do is just order a little of as much as we can afford and put it all in the middle of the table. One of us is mostly vegetarian, but makes exceptions a few times a year. Nonetheless, a meatball-bar is probably not the best choice.

Other stuff: We aren't really into dessert or drinks. We recently had a conversation about how "chic" seems to be an acceptable way of advertising "snooty." We're all pretty poor but are able to splurge a little bit on a nice meal since it's a special occasion. Still, I'd angle in favor of being able to choose more food comfortably rather than spending the meal worrying about the end bill.

Finally, this will be on Valentine's Day. I plan to make reservations, but someplace that gets uncomfortably packed when full would not be ideal, as we'll have had enough of being surrounded on all sides by people already by that point in the evening.
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Give a Japanese izakaya a try? Lots of small plates, pescatarian friendly, and you should be able to find one for your budget in NYC. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the last one I went to or I'd share it with you.
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Id suggest Mediterranean/middle eastern/lebanese type place or indian. Both share friendly and veg friendly, and budget easy too The only specific recommendation i could make is a lebanese place in hoboken called Ali Babba. Soooo tasty.
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Oh, I am sort of obsessed with Buddha Bodai, was debating if it was ridiculous to come in and recommend it for the eighteenth time.

You may also enjoy Au Za'atar in the East Village if you like Middle Eastern food; or Tanoreen, if you can make it to Bay Ridge (that is quite popular for festive days though).
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Murray’s cheese bar is delicious and lots of vegetarian choices (if the vegetarian eats cheese). It is a bit small and may already be reserved out for Valentine’s Day, though.
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Thought of one more: Hangawi is a vegetarian Korean restaurant. You can do small plate sharing. Very tranquil atmosphere and lots of space.
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How about Kefi? You can make a delightful meal of their dips and meze.
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El Quinto Pino?
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I would highly recommend Murray's Cheese Bar. Lots of sharable dishes, especially the Cheesemonger's Choice. You can pick a number of cheeses and the cheesemonger will give you a variety of choices of cheeses with jams or little side things. It's totally worth it and not prohibitively expensive. I really enjoy it.
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Valentines is going to make this substantially difficult and would effectively make me nix my top suggestion of La Vara in Brooklyn.

Somtum der in the east village makes really good Thai food that is pretty different from typical pad Thai and curries, lots of salads and shareable small plates (the fried chicken thigh is amazing.)
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Oh, I would suggest The Ribbon as well (cheeses, meats, little veggie dishes that can easily substitute for entrees), but it's very popular and may have trouble on Valentine's Day.
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