Help me find a bouncy, energetic, HR-friendly song
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I'm producing a video for my company's employee meeting, and I've been asked to soundtrack it with a peppy pop song. Degree of difficulty: I am woefully out of touch with current pop music.

I'm producing a video highlighting our Employees of the Month with candid pictures and maybe some "fun" video. Accordingly, it should have a song with energy as the background. (Last year, we used "Can't Stop the Feeling.")

The video will run a minute, 30 seconds tops. It needs to be up-tempo, perhaps motivational, definitely celebratory, and it needs to be inoffensive. I recognized about 10 percent of the 2017 Top 100 when I looked, and "Despacito" is definitely not going to make the cut.

Hit me with your suggestions!
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My company uses "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors in a lot of our internal promo stuff. It works. We are a big corporation.
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“Whatever it Takes” by Imagine Dragons?
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Anything by Mr. Scruff: this or this
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I think family-friendly is a good search term. This list looks like a good place to start?

Also Happy by Pharrell Williams and Fireworks by Katie Perry would both be great choices!
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Because 1) It is fully awesome upbeat celebratory pop music and 2)Maybe I'm off base, but is it really legit to use a recording of a current famous pop song for your promotional video? In terms of copyrights etc.? Maybe it's fair use/you don't care, but you don't have to worry about that, because BUSINESSFUNK is compiled from free-use sound libraries 1978-1984, and in fact is exactly the sound used by many corporate business videos! There's maybe 100 minutes spread over three volumes; I'm sure you can find one that works :)
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@Salty: We have a license for internal use.
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I mean, this Vampire Weekend song from 10 years ago is great for this but also it's 10 years old.

man, my birthday was yesterday and now I feel super old too.
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Everything Is AWESOME!!!
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Who doesn't love 24K Magic? (first verse, family friendlier than the first)
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The first 1.30 of Weekend Whip by The Fold?
Starting around the 19-second mark also works well.
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From the dark ages, musically, but I Can See Clearly Now.
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Thanks, everyone. Pitched “Best Day of My Life”; was met with wild enthusiasm.
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