Weird security issue with iPhone Messages suggesting update
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My partner (with whom I share a data plan) told me today (from a different geographical US region) that in her list of text threads in iOS messages, near my name there was a little inline prompt announcing “updated contact info” for me at a totally different area code. There was a little “update” button, and an X button that she used to dismiss the prompt. I haven’t changed my phone number. What could be going on here? This is very hard to Google.
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I've noticed this. I think it says "Siri found updated... for John Smith..." Siri noticed that in another text or an email what she found may be updated contact info. Siri isn't alway correct. But the source will be in another text or email or some such.
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Your partner received an email from an address attached to your contact, but with a different phone number somewhere in the email body.

Siri is usually smart enough to figure when the phone number is in reference to another person, but you may have sent something like: “Hello Partner, call Bill. Tell him humboldt32 is coming. Number is: 661-554-1212.” Etc.

This functionality works great for pulling info out of email contact signatures.

Worth noting: all this guessing happened 100% on partner’s phone. It compares your current number to the new number and pops up a message. Apple/phone company not involved.
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