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Help me find this kid-friendly tabletop RPG where you played as a dog and had dog-ly adventures as a pack in the city. I read about it a jillion years ago, and it could have been a homebrew variant of another game, but it sounded great. Please help me find it again.

I don't think it's Strays, because Strays lets you play as other types of animals. The one that I remember was dog-only.
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Is it A Dog's Life?
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Long-shot, because it violates the dog-only criterion: Woof Meow. The dog magical abilities are awesome, e.g. BAD DOG, DOG'S LIFE, HEALING LICKS, MIGHTY DOG, SUMMON OWNER, and so on.
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It’s Dawg The Rpg by KenzerCo (and it’s awesome)
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