Name that Yiddish name.
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I have been told orally about a Yiddish speaking woman, born in the mid-1800s in what is now Rumania, whose first name was something like Sluve.

The spelling I have here is definitely not definite.

The final e is not silent, but is unstressed. The name might even be spelled Sluveh.
The U is a soft U that sounds approximately like the vowel sound in the word "look."Or the u in "rugelach." (Which she probably baked.)

Do you know what this name is, and whether it's a full name or a diminutive of another name? (The final unstressed "e" sound is the only reason I think it might be a diminutive.)
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"סלובה" does get some google hits as a first name. From the consonants I wondered if it might be related to Slavic "Solovej" (Nightingale) because vowel changes sometimes work that way (golova/głowa) but it's a shot in the dark.
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(Romanian is not Slavic, I am aware, but a Yiddish name in the Pale of Settlement might have had root in a number of languages, I think.)
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Could it be some form of Shulamit or maybe even Sylvie?
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If you search, Sluve seems like a pretty common first name with a lot of 19th century eastern European Jewish hits. So it seems like there's no good reason to second guess.
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Bear in mind that Polish /u/ = Lithuanian /ɔ/ (vus = vɔs) and Lithuanian /u/ = Polish /i/ (kugel = kigel); see Wikipedia for details.
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Maybe a slightly different pronunciation of Slava or Sława?
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