What earbuds work for an iPod Shuffle 3rd generation?
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I just bought a used third-generation iPod shuffle for listening to podcasts at the gym. Because I am an idiot, I completely forgot that this generation Shuffle had all of the controls on the earbuds, and I cannot find compatible earbuds. I can find them on Amazon with "play/pause" and volume controls, but I need play/pause. volume, and previous/next so I can skip around from podcast to podcast. Am I screwed?

Thanks, as always, for your help.
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I don't think there are remotes with five buttons, which is what you're describing. The Apple buds require you to double click play to skip forward, and triple click to skip back.

If that's OK, the search term is "iPhone remote" (although make sure to look at the remote and check it has three buttons). Should be easy to find. Wirecutter's recommendation with that feature is $23. You can probably find them even cheaper. Or you could just buy Apple's official iPhone earbuds. I like the Etymotic ER-6i if your budget is closer to $100.
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caek, I was just now reading this which also explains it. So, I was wrong twice. Thanks for getting me straightened out, and for the good suggestion. I really appreciate it.
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It's significantly cheaper to get earpods from some of the Apple upgrade shops than from Apple itself, if you want to go that route. I buy mine from Other World Computing, and have been very happy with them. Here's a link.
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