Denver Restaurant Recommendations
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I'll be traveling to Denver in a couple months and am looking for some restaurant recommendations.

I've never been to Denver before, and I generally like exploring new cities through their food, so I'm looking for places that are unique to Denver/Colorado. I will be staying downtown right by the convention center and I'll probably have a lunch and a dinner or two on my own. Since I'll be on my own, places where eating by yourself isn't too out-of-place would are preferred (bonus points for a bar with an open kitchen). Also, I'm not sure exactly when I'll be free, so while nicer places are fine (and encouraged), I'd prefer places where I can get into without a needing a reservation.
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The Buckhorn exchange is worth going to if you eat meat.
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A suggestion for the airport - Root Down. It's in Terminal C near the center core and it is some of the best airport food I've ever had.
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I had an excellent dinner at Barolo Grill, which would be a cab/bus ride away unless you feel like a long walk, and a great lunch at City O' City, on the other side of the Capitol from the convention center.
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At the risk of being antieponysterical, I’ve had a good meal at... :::puts on sunglasses::: Euclid Hall.

It’s right by the convention center and would be fine for eating alone.
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Lots of good suggestions here. I would recommend Linger, which isn't far from downtown, or the real Root Down, which is by Linger. I quite liked The Populist when I went there, although it's best in nice weather when you can sit outside. Denver Central Market is the bomb and has a ton of different options, and it's just food court style so you can sit wherever. The Foundry up in RiNo is a fancier version of the same.

Throw in a vote for Freshcraft, which is downtown and perfect for eating on your own.

And absolutely hit up City O' City if you have time. Some of the best vegetarian food I've ever had.
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Forest Room 5. Memorable food in casual, charming surroundings.
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Some of my favorites: Cuba Cuba, Avanti Food and Beverage, TAG Burger Bar, Green Russell and The Post.
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Oooh and Maria Empanada!
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Domo (! It's off in a strange direction so you wouldn't stumble on it, but I think it is walking distance from the convention center and it's good Japanese food. If the timing is right you can watch Aikido practice while you wait for your meal.
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I've never been to Denver except for the airport, but I'm going to hit up Casa Bonita whenever I happen to visit.
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The Source and Denver Central Market are both cool open food hall-type places with several restaurants and bars around a central gathering area. Denver Central Market is more conducive to eating alone. The jazz club Dazzle also just moved to a new location near the convention center.
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One of my favorite areas to take guests for a little walking food tour is the Highlands area. I usually start at Williams & Graham for a cocktail. It's a little speakeasy with strong, delightful drinks. From there you can walk down to a few different restaurants. Linger, as mentioned above (great if it's a nice day because they have a rooftop bar with a lovely view of the city. In fact, if it's a nice day you could do this instead of W&G, which is dark and speakeasy-y). Both of those locations are close to 3 other great spots: Uncle (ramen), Bar Dough, and Highland Tap & Burger. After that, I swing down to Little Man Ice Cream (salted oreo if you like salted things). This area is just over a pedestrian bridge, and about 1.5 miles from the convention center. It can get a bit sketchy at night, but you could walk there and then plan on taking a car back.
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