Keeping a daily video diary - Team Edition.
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A few years ago my partner did 1SE (One second everyday) for a year, and it was one of the most rewarding things to watch at the end of the year. I'd like to do the same thing with my business - but instead of one person recording and uploading, spreading it across 10+ people. Is there an app (iOS) or workflow, that I could achieve this with?

In a perfect world, this is what I imagine it would look like:

1) Each employee remembers to shoot a small video or photo each day. Lets assume this is a given and we have systems and motivational factors in place to do this - also, we are a full Mac/iOS office. Also assume every employee is using their own personal phone to do this (I offered to use standalone company phones, but nobody wanted to carry two phones)

2) All photos are automagically uploaded to the cloud and grouped by date first, then either with subfolders with the employees name, or in the file name itself.

3) From here, ours social media manager could use the content for things like Instagram stories on occasion, but the real purpose would be

4) Collating and uploading into a Video Diary app, with the goal of having a short film at the end of the year where we can get a nice recap of the year that was.

What's the most friction-free way to set this up? Is it even possible? TIA!
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