What's your experience with a split double oven range?
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Are double oven ranges any good or just a gimmick?

We need to replace our oven and have just discovered that double ovens exist. I'm talking about the kind that look like a regular oven, but the oven is split into two smaller compartments that can be used separately or together (such as in these results when you search Home Depot for double oven gas range).

We cook and use our oven a lot. We use a pizza stone often. We use a dutch oven with lid in our oven frequently, as well.

Are they any good? I've seen some reviews saying that food cooks unevenly or one or both compartments have wide temperature swings.

What's your experience? Can you cook a ham or a turkey in one and use the other for something else?

We're looking at Samsung because Costco has a good deal on a 4-appliance package and we need to replace our fridge and dishwasher, too.
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YES YES YES. If you cook frequently, having the dual oven is REALLY great.

The caveat for most is that they're not typically the same size. Our top one, which use most often, is pretty short -- we couldn't roast a turkey in there, or even fit our cast iron dutch oven. The smaller one also doesn't have convection.

But the big one is big enough for a turkey or the dutch oven or whatever else we've tried to throw at it, and does have a convection oven.
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I grew up in a house with an old 1970s double oven and it was the most beautiful thing in the world. You can cook two things at two different temps AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Then, I got a house with an old 1953 GE Hotpoint stove with a second oven. Again the magic happened. You can warm things easily, you can good in the small oven without heating up the whole house, you can again COOK TWO THINGS AT ONCE.

I moved and have a single oven and I miss my old Hotpoint.

Do it.
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I've had a Maytag Gemini for about 15 years now and I can't imagine living without it. I love it SO much.

The top oven is small. It's great for a casserole, roasting veggies, or reheating pizza. It preheats REALLY quickly, which is nice.

The bottom oven is the same size as a regular oven. Most ovens have the little drawer underneath for pots and pans that nobody ever uses, this one doesn't have that. The main oven basically goes to the floor. It's plenty big, enough for a Thanksgiving turkey. I once cooked four ducks at once in it. Our bottom oven is also convection, which is really nice to have as well.

If you cook a lot or entertain it's indispensable. You can cook a main dish in the big oven and a side in the little one. A tray of mac and cheese in the top and a dutch oven of beans baking in the bottom for eight hours. Or two pizza stones stacked in the big oven on 550 with the convection on. You get the point.

It's nice when you're just roasting some veggies or something in the summer and you don't have to preheat a big ass oven, you just use the small one.

I probably will never buy anything else if I'm ever in the market for a range again.
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You can also use a toaster oven and a regular oven. Toaster ovens cook all sorts of smaller foods at temperatures just as hot as a regular oven.
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I have the LG one that comes up first on your link, and I love it. Usually I'm baking something flat - a frozen pizza, a pie, a casserole - and the top oven is perfect for that, and much quicker to heat up to temperature. I don't cook large meals that often, but when I do - say, Thanksgiving - you can totally roast a turkey in the bottom oven and bake a pie in the top one, at different temperatures, and they both come out well.
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I've had Samsung Flex Duo for about 2 years and love it. It's the best of both worlds; it has a removable panel, so you can have one big oven or two separate smaller ovens. 95% of the time I just use the top oven and it's great - heats up quickly and cooks evenly. Every now and then the bottom of a quiche doesn't get done before the top if I'm just using the top oven, but I'm learning how to use it better. It's a thin panel that divides the ovens, so they're not perfectly insulated from each other - so if you're using both ovens they can't be at radically different temps (like you couldn't be searing a pizza at 550 in one and baking meringues at 250 in the other; there's a guide in the owners manual). I haven't run into a problem with that, though. One caveat: I'm a vegetarian, so can't speak to how well it does with meat. I'm not sure a turkey would fit in the divided oven.
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We love our double oven so much that we brought it with us when we moved. We use the smaller top one for about 80% of our cooking, and I can't imagine living without the efficiency and speed of how quickly it can heat up. The lower is still plenty large enough for any big tasks. Do it!
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I love mine. The top preheats almost as fast as a toaster oven and it's what I use 90% of the time. The bottom is where things like turkeys, big Creuset pots, etc go, when those happen.

The one caveat I have for it is that the things I cook on the bottom tend to be big and heavy, and because they're way down there I have to kneel to deal with them. Which is fine now, but when I'm an old lady, having to kneel down on the floor and then grab a big-ass hot turkey pan and get back up holding it might not be ideal.
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God yes they are the thing dreams are made of
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Also, if you have a dual oven, you have to clean two ovens.

BTW if I were replacing my fridge, I'd get a deli prep station fridge. In fact, I did. They're amazing.
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These are super common in Europe and very useful. I have no idea why they've taken so long to make it to the US or why they are so expensive here! I just replaced my stove and did not buy one because of cost but I would have if they were reasonably priced
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I also have had a Maytag Gemini for years and love it. The only improvement I would look for would be a full-slide-out rack on the bottom of the lower oven, since, as fingersandtoes says, it's a reach to get the big heavy dishes you naturally cook there all the way out.

(Would also accept an oven door that reversed out of the way like the ones on GBBO.)
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I don't have a dual oven, but my sister's family does, and it makes large meals and things like Thanksgiving dinner go so much more smoothly and quickly. If you have the space and budget for one, I'd highly recommend it.
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So awesome. Our house came with one and not only that, but the bottom oven can be used as a convection oven. There may be no better way to roast potatoes. Meanwhile, the ham is cooking at a different temp and not drying out, in its own little compartment above.
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I had a double oven years ago and loved it. However, assuming you have the space, I don't think it was better than having a conventional oven and a toaster oven, which is probably cheaper.
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True fact: we have one of these doubles, AND ALSO A TOASTER OVEN. It's awesome.

The double is definitely better for reasons of horizontal capacity. You can cook little things in the toaster, sure, but you can't get a halfsheet of chopped root veggies in there for love or money. The double is proper width in both chambers, though.
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