Help Me Download Voice Messages from a Facebook Messenger Conversation
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My... romantic interest and I have been having a wonderfully loooong and meandering conversation over Facebook Messenger over the past few months. It's been just so wonderful getting to know her more and more... but my question isn't entirely pure or chaste.

Our conversation often turns... intimate. We record voice messages and send them back and forth... ahem. TMI? Possibly.

What we're wondering is: is there a way to download the entirety of our conversation, particularly the voice message parts? It would be.. really something to have all the voice message parts as their own files in a playlist kind of thing.

Can any of the sorceror/esses of Ask help us realise this steamy dream of ours?
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I should probably mention: there are a LOT of them, spread over months- so going to the chat log to do it manually isn’t really going to work! Is there an extension or script or some other form of trickery perhaps? I am marginally clueless.. but willing and eager to get clues in!
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As much as I'd want something like this to exist too, I don't think such a tool exist.
Here's what I'd try (I'm on a facebook break right now so I can't test it)

- From a computer, go to the mobile version of facebook messenger, something like
- Select your conversation and scroll so that all messages are displayed/loaded
- Use a browser extension that can batch download all links ( I think Chrono Downloads does this for Chrome)

Hope this helps - curious to see what others will suggest too.
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