these gloves they are my own
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It's time for me to buy new winter gloves.

I have smallish hands, shaped more like the hands of a large child than the hands of a delicate lady.

What I need in a winter glove, in order of importance:

1) WASHABLE. I touch a lot of gross stuff and use my gloves as a tissue in emergencies sorry not sorry. I need to be able to wash them OFTEN.

2) Capacitant, dexterous fingers (minimum thumbs and pointers)

3) Warm. Yes that's right, it's more important that I be able to put snot on my gloves and instagram at the bus stop than that my fingers be warm at zero degrees Kelvin.

The gloves I currently have that I've used for maybe 3 seasons now have been mostly fine, but if there's something better I'm interested in knowing what that is. The capacitant fingertips, which were only kind of so-so to begin with, have corroded with washings.

Like I said they're not bad and I can re-purchase these, but it's been a few years and maybe some other brand's washable touchscreen tapper technology really blows these guys out of the water. Do you LOVE your winter gloves? Please share.

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In the proud Metafilter tradition of not-answer answers: if you find otherwise perfect gloves that don't have corrosion-resistant conductive fingertips you can add your own to any knit glove with stainless steel yarn.
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than that my fingers be warm at zero degrees Kelvin.
Given that you'd also be dead, sure. ;)

Your desire for washability and warmth suggests TO ME that merino might be a good call. Do you need them to be snow/water repellant, or would a pure textile glove work?

I live somewhere that usually ignores gloves, but as a year-round cyclist I still had cold-hand problems until I started wearing some Smartwool "liner" weight merino gloves under my short-finger cycling gloves. That's probably not enough weight for you, but in shopping for them I found the selection of my local REI to be excellent.

This looks like the women's version of what I bought. They seems small but stretch, which is probably as effective for a small-handed person as it is for me with my weirdly shaped hands (big, but with short fingers).

Actually, here's the whole lady-glove search; there's some other good options there. My larger point is, I guess, "Do you have an REI handy?"
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I have fingerless gloves that have a mitten top that can be flipped on and off. They're acrylic and wash easily. They're cheap, so you can buy a couple pairs and wear 1 pair while the other pair is in the wash. Mittens are warmer than gloves. I also like them because I always lose my left glove so cheap gloves are a help.
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I am very happy with my Roeckl weldon winter polartec gloves. They're even warmer with silk glove liners, but then the phone fingers don't work. Kind of sporty looking and not cheap though. They come in glove sizes, not just S M L.
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Best answer: I loved my Glider Gloves until I lost one. Which is what eventually happens to all my gloves. Next pair I get I'm going to sew in some sort of snap so they'll be more likely to at least get lost together instead of one at a time.
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Best answer: Oh, and I should point out that Glider includes length in their sizing, which wins my support forever, as a person with tiny hands who usually finds gloves' fingers to be way too long.
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Response by poster: I have purchased a pair of Glider Gloves.
Capacitant eevverrryywheerrreeeee!
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