My iPhone doesn't have MDM anymore, why does it say it's supervised?
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A while ago I got an iPhone through a previous job and paid for an upgrade to a 6s. Apparently since I paid for the upgrade it's mine, and they let me keep it when I left that company. When I was with the company it had a MDM profile installed. When I left they didn't remove the MDM so I did a factory reset. But in Settings it still says "this iPhone is supervised and managed by ." Can I get rid of that message?

All the tutorials say go to Settings ➡️ General ➡️ Device Management . I don't have the "Device Management" setting on that screen, so it's a dead end.
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Do you have Settings ➡️ General ➡️ Profile?
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I once bought a refurbished iPad off of eBay that had the same issue. It was permanently registered to a retail store. I was never able to remove the MDM. I had to return the iPad to the seller.

Maybe you can contact your old employer and see if they can remove it.
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Do you have Settings ➡️ General ➡️ Profile?

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When you say you did a factory reset, was that just the phone-based data reset or did you try the iTunes method? The latter should install a totally fresh copy of the OS.
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I did the phone-based method. Thanks for the tip, I will try the iTunes method!
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Sadly, the iTunes method + "set up as a new phone" didn't fix the issue, but thanks for the suggestion.
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You might need to contact Apple Support. Or, if you left on good terms, ask your old company's IT department to have the lock removed.
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A factory reset won't fix it. And Apple support won't help you at all, because those locked devices are often ones that were originally stolen and then re-sold (I realize you didn't steal it).
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