Can I eat this?
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I tried to cook pork in the pressure cooker, it didn't work after multiple tries though it did get warm, I moved the pork to the fridge. I'm not sure how hot it got or if it should be considered to have spent too much time in the danger zone.

I got 5 pounds of pork butt on Saturday. Monday evening I tried to cook it in the pressure cooker. On my first try, the cooker didn't get to pressure and gave an E3 error. When I realized this I did some googling, learned it might not have enough liquid, added a second cup of water and tried again. Same error. More googling, realized that maybe I needed to unplug it and let it cool for a bit before trying again. Did that, same error. I tried one or two more times and then because it was late and I was tired I just took the pork and liquid out of the pot and stuck it in the fridge. I couldn't try again last night but tonight I'll have some time. Should I throw this out because it spent so much time getting warm-hot (I can't be sure of the exact temp) then cooling off a little, then warming up again? Or toss it?
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I would not eat raw meat that got up to warm for some time but no higher and then was refrigerated again. Even though trichinosis is mostly unheard of these days, the meat probably sat at a temperature that is optimal for bacteria to grow for some time. Not worth the risk to me.

Think of it this way - would you cook and then eat pork that had sat uncooked in a hot car in the middle of the summer for an hour?
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It sounds like it spent 2 hours over 40F so it's not safe. Even if it were safe-ish the bacteria creates by-products that will make the meat taste different. At best you will not feel comfortable eating it.
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Throw it out faster than you can type "not worth the potential poops".
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Thanks everyone. I will toss it.

Any insights on the E3 error also welcome.
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Was the vent in the sealed position? Could you see any steam coming from the vent or from the sides of the lid?
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Vent was sealed. I didn’t see any steam. When I went to release, tho, nothing happened.
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I wouldn't eat it.
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Is this the Instant Pot? Do a water test in any case.
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Sorry about your butt :-(
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Not an Instant Pot - a competing brand. I got another E3 on the water test :(
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E3 is likely an error code, the model with the Google search may help you solve your problem.

Sorry about the food.
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Sorry, I guess I should have provided more background. E3 is definitely an error code, the owner's manual just says that it means the unit is overheated. User reviews online say that it can be the result of not having enough liquid, however I haven't been able to find anything in the user manual or elsewhere as to exactly how much liquid is necessary for this model. Per other users, the manufacturer's customer service says to unplug it, let it cool off, and start it again - I tried that multiple times on Monday. I tried to contact customer service via chat but by the time anyone responded I had given up, eaten toast for dinner, and was asleep in bed.

I did find another user review just now that said the issue had been resolved by cleaning the seal, so I'll try that too - although I've checked the seal previously.

I tried a water test last night and got another E3 error. Water is at the max line so ... inadequate water is probably not the issue. I'll clean the seal, check the valve and try another water test - if that doesn't work I guess I'll have to return it.
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