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Looking for an ebook reader that does not rankle me

- Works on windows platform
- Can be downloaded as exe (not only available through MS store)
- Supports highlighting
- Free/cheap

I have tried icecream but I don't like the highlighting feature. Is there anything better? Thank you!
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Have you tried Calibre for Windows?
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I was going to ask the same thing. As far as I know, Calibre is the go-to option here.
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I'm a heavy Calibre user. The only thing about it that I don't like is how frequently it updates (so there's often a new version to download but you can choose to do that or not. Here's a screenshot of what highlighting looks like on the desktop version for Mac. It has really good ebook management and especially metadata capabilities. It's great if you want to combine books from multiple sources into one coherent ebook library.
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Calibre isn't an e-reader. It has a built in reader for epubs (which can be used even when Calibre is closed) but usues whatever ereaders you have available for pdf and mobi. It will convert to epub but conversions from pdf are usually terrible. On my machine, I use Sumatra for pdfs because it also reads dejavu, and I export mobis to my kindle (or use kindle for pc).
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SumatraPDF and their book view is nice and agreed about Calibre - it's more for managing eBooks than it is for reading them. I also like PDFForge's suite too especially for textbooks/learning because its highlighting options are great. it's free with an e-mail sign-up
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Sumatra PDF is what I would recommend. Natively supports PDF, epub, mobi, and a bunch of other formats. Lightweight and free. It supports pre-set bookmarks, but I don't think it allows setting your own or highlighting.

Alternatively, have you tried the Google Books reader? You can upload your books to it and then access either via your browser or the Books app. It does allow highlighting/notes and search, but I'm not sure if it handles mobi.
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Calibre reads mobi files just fine, and the reader is a separate exe that works apart from the main ebook manager.

Sumatra is nifty, too.
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There's not many that support highlighting. I used to read with epubreader extension for Firefox, but it was read-only. Sumatra does have highlighting, but a quick google for details says it may be buggy or limited.

Kindle for PC will let you read mobi files and has a highlight feature; Adobe Digtal Editions reads PDF and epub, and has highlighting, bookmarking, and a few other features. Those are both free but very proprietary.

If you don't find anything that works, you might try poking around the Mobileread E-Book Software forum, although it's focused more on "software that makes ebooks" than reading software.
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I use calibre for the library and FBReader for anything else. Very easy for any platform and well worth a look.
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Calibre reads mobi files, not sure why some people think it doesn't. Just to double check, I just opened like 6 of them with the calibre ebook reader on my Windows 10 desktop. Yup, works fine. It also opens pdf files (checked that too).
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