Barely-remembered Scottish indie rock song with woman talking?
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I'm getting old: what was that Scottish (?) indie/chamber rock song from the 90s or early 2000s with a woman talking (saying something about the stories old folks used to tell, or the days when people used to tell stories)?

I had this song on a mix CD for years - I either downloaded it via napster or got it from a mix a friend made for me, so I never knew the artist. For some reason, I always thought it was Belle and Sebastian, but I recently went through their entire discography on Spotify and it's not there, though maybe it's from a more obscure release that never made it to Spotify?

I got it around 2001, so it was probably from the late 90s.

What I remember about the song was that there was a part at the end that was instrumental, with a young-sounding woman talking over the music. I think the woman had a Scottish accent, but now I'm wondering if I just thought it was Scottish because I was assuming it was Belle and Sebastian.

The music was sort of twee-ish late 90s/early 2000s chamber/indie rock type stuff. I don't remember most of what the woman was talking about, but I do remember a part where she says something like "in the old days, when the folks used to sit around and tell stories," or something like that.

There may have been part of the song where someone was singing, and this part came at the end, or the entire thing may have been instrumental with spoken word.
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Camera Obscura? I don't know the song, but sounds like it could be the band.
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You're not thinking of the King of Rome, are you? Story about a pigeon race? The Unthanks did a lovely version, though they're Irish, and it kind of matches your description.
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Killing The Bland by Prolapse?
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telegraph, that's it! I'm comforted to know I didn't make this up but mystified at how I could have missed it when going through Spotify!
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For completeness' sake: she's reading a passage from Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle.
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If you like this sort of thing (I do!), you may also enjoy The Mekons. Sally Timms (with her melifluous Leeds accent) sometimes does a spoken piece within songs, for example as a sort of bridge in the middle of "Ancient and Modern."
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