Relaxing week with a little Mediterranean Sun
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Two adults looking for advice for a relaxing week with a little Mediteranean sun in May. Picturing cycling to a quiet beach with a book, dinner outdoors somewhere with a glass of wine.

We want to get around by leisurely cycle(bike rental) , strolling and public transport.
Things we like:
* Being near a beach, or perhaps a lake.
* Interesting things to visit, galleries, shops
* Nice food and wine.
* Nice places sit out and eat and drink, nice places to get lost in a novel.
* Boat trips.
* Quieter places, not too touristy.
* I guess we thinking Italy, Spain, Portugal
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I couldn't say how it is these days but back a *few* years ago when I visited, Corsica, would have suited you perfectly! I think its worth looking in to.
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It's in Greece, but I had a delightful time on Naxos Island last May. Pretty quiet, since it was early in the season (though I went to Santorini after and it was unpleasantly mobbed). Gorgeous beaches, nice port town with winding old cobblestone streets (interesting shops), lots and lots of places to sit outside and eat or drink a glass of wine. Boat trips, though I didn't take one. I'd recommend staying in the main town and using the public bus system to visit beaches and the inland villages. It will probably be too early to really have a beach day, but there are some amazingly good tavernas on the beaches.
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Maybe Gozo?
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I always recommend Chania in Crete for this sort of thing - it's a good-sized town with a few different neighbourhoods but not too hectic. It's also got a lovely old Venetian/Ottoman centre and is within daytrip distance of the stunning Elafonisi and Balos beaches.

If you're looking for something much smaller, check out Kea - a quick 90-minute ferry from Lavrio, right near Athens airport. Andros is a bit larger; perhaps more would be open in May.

The Costa de Prata in Portugal is another quiet gem.
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I had an absolutely fabulous time in Sicily last fall. Siracusa/Syracuse and Cefalu might work well. If you do rent a car (which I suggest, but don’t think you need to), there’s gorgeous beaches and scenery at the marine reserve right outside Siracusa.
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