A Canadian Indie-Rock Band From The Aughts/Teens With A French Horn?
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I’m trying to think of the name of a Canadian indie rock band from the aughts that I’ve lost in my piles of music, and am looking for help. Details that I can recall are inside…

  • They were (are?) a trio
  • They had a female vocalist, who had one of those indie-rock, not-conventionally-good voices. High pitched, fragile.
  • Their name was a plural, with no leading article (e.g. “Truants”)
  • I believe the instruments were french horn, drums, and guitar, though possibly other stuff as well.
  • They released at least two albums before vanishing. Said The Gramophone reviewed some tracks off the first and liked it. Pitchfork reviewed the second and didn’t.
  • Their primary period of activity (as I know it) was somewhere between 2008 - 2014
  • The songs on the first album were sparse and dark, with some loud-soft dynamics going on and the chirpiness of the vocalist coming in as well.
Pretty sparse info, I know, but any tips would be welcome. Thanks much!
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Maybe Braids? Your description also made me think of Rachel's , but I don't think they're from Canada.
posted by Leontine at 2:03 PM on February 6, 2018

No, not Braids, though they sound interesting. It was a very sparse sound as a I remember it, albeit with definite loud-soft dynamics.
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The Luyas? Doesn't fit all of your categories. But some of the ones it does hit stand out to me: french horn, high-pitched fragile voice.
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The Luyas! It is absolutely the Luyas.
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I thought Stars, too.
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Apologies for the bad facts.
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