Transferring a Verizon iPhone to a different Verizon account
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I have an iPhone 6s that I want to give to my husband, who also has an iPhone 6s but unfortunately dropped it into the bathtub. We both have Verizon service, but are not on the same account. What do we need to do to make my old phone into his new phone?

Is it as simple as popping out his SIM card and putting it into my phone, and then signing in to his iCloud and downloading all his apps, etc.? I'm hoping so but suspecting not.

(I am getting a new iPhone through my employer, if that matters, and will switch everything from my current 6s to the new one.)

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I’ve added phones to a Verizon account through its website by entering the new phone’s identification numbers (MEEI? Something like that?) — pretty easy and five minutes worth of work.
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This is what'd I'd do:
1. Restore phone to factory settings (optional)
2. Bring phone to Verizon store and let them handle the transfer
3. Plug phone into his iTunes and "restore from backup"
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Has he been doing regular backups of his iPhone? If so, it really is as simple as popping his SIM into your phone, then doing a “restore from backup” through iTunes.
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For reasons, my son is on his mother's plan and my two other children are on my plan. She is VZ. I am ATT. My kids switch phones with each other all the time. Wipe it, switch the sim and Bob's your uncle.

This works with any phone, iPhone, Android, Windows, etc. I have a work phone number on VZ and as mentioned above my personal on ATT. I liked my work phone, a Pixel better than one of my personal phones, a Nexus 5, so I wiped them both, swapped the sims and have had no issues whatsoever.
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Just confirming what’s being said above - restore to factory settings and switch the SIM card, then load the most recent backup onto the new phone. If you dry the old phone out, you may even be able to do a backup from it one last time.
With an iPhone, as long as you’re both on the same carrier, that’s all you need to do.

BTW, I’ve dropped iPhones into tubs on more than one occasion and they were always ok after they dried out for several days.
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BTW, I’ve dropped iPhones into tubs on more than one occasion and they were always ok after they dried out for several days.

My wife recently decided her 6s needed to go swimming in the toilet. After a couple of days of drying out, it was fine except that the power button didn't work. A week-and-a-half later, the power button finally started working again.
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Thanks all! Unfortunately this phone was sort of on the way out even before the bathtub incident - he'd dropped it on the sidewalk a couple weeks before and it was not a bit messed up already. The bathtub was the nail in the coffin, it seems.

I was able to transfer this in about five minutes via Verizon's website and changing the SIM card over - almost suspiciously easy!
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