What video game can teach me to sing?
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I can't really sing, and I'd like to learn how. A karaoke videogame seems like a good way to get started -- but the sheer number of them out there is overwhelming. Are any of them better suited to a beginning singer, or should I just go for the one with the most appealing track list? I have access to a Mac, a PC, an iPhone, and a Wii.

(Oh, and I know many games list "singing lessons" among their features, but the reviews make me think those modes are often poorly done afterthoughts, so I'd love to hear from anybody with first-hand experience using them.)
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Best answer: I’m a terrible singer. I’m not going to become a good singer, but I love to sing and would like to embarrass myself less often. I’ve done online tests for tone deafness and that’s not the case, I just suck.

Anyway, when I use the Vanido app on my iPhone regularly, I notice a marked improvement. When I stop using it, I am worse. It helps me hear a note a mimic it, and helps with breathing, which is part of my problem. They just added a Spotify feature, so if you have a Spotify Premium account you can practice against a song of your choice, but I find the progressive vocal exercises and feedback really useful.
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Best answer: I'd check out Ultrastar Deluxe, which is like Singstar but open source for the PC.
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Best answer: As a sometime singing teacher, I would like to tell you that one of, if not THE best, way of getting better at singing is to do it reasonably often, just like running or yoga or whatever. So with that in mind, I'd suggest downloading whichever one has the most songs you like on it!

If you're worried about straining your voice at all (ie if you have any prior conditions or are, like me, getting old and your muscles aren't as supple as they used to be!) then you'd do well to see a teacher/voice coach at some point who can give you some pointers for you personally. A machine won't be able to do that (yet).
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It's super old, but the videogame that gave me the confidence to sing karaoke in public bar-style (as opposed to the private room-style) was Karaoke Revolution for the PS2. It's similar to Rock Band but I found the song selection and vocal tracking better suited but ymmv. Sometimes you can find old, working videogame systems at pawn shops, Salvation Army/Goodwill, or eBay.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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