Where can I find a tripleta (Puerto Rican three meat sandwich) in NYC?
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Google searches only bring up a food truck that doesn't seem to exist anymore, based on further searching.

Also, might this sandwich have another name that I can't figure out? It's three different kinds of meat.
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El Riconocito has ham and cheese, steak, and roast pork (I assume pernil) sandwiches; maybe you could ask them to combine the three.

If you're ever in Seattle, La Isla has this sandwich.
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Norwind's in Brooklyn, or La Isla Cuchifrito in the Bronx.
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Latin Kitchen food truck apparently makes one.
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Latin Kitchen food truck is the food truck that comes up in my Google searches, but I can't find any evidence online from the past several years that the truck is active. If you have more knowledge beyond a Google search, please specify.
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Yelp results for NYC & tripleta
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