Undercooked salmon, recooked. Can I eat this?
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My partner cooked a thick fillet of salmon yesterday, and the center is undercooked. We ate the thinner cooked parts last night, and then popped the rest in the fridge. Can we safely cook and consume the rest of the salmon tonight?
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Sure, as long as it hasn't sat out at room temperature for an ungodly long amount of time or been licked by rabid bats or something. I have totally done this. All it needs is a quick pan-fry to bring the center up to the doneness you like.
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Totally fine.
I would have also eaten the undercooked salmon last night.
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I wouldn't even hesitate.
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My wife and I eat our salmon mostly rare (i.e., crispy on the outside, reddish-pink on the inside) and to my knowledge we aren't dead so game on.
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Thank you, everyone! I tend to be pretty cautious about this stuff (yet I love sashimi, go figure).
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The thing is, fish for sashimi are typically frozen at -20'C for 7 days or -35'c for at least 15 hours - this is to kill off parasites that might be in the flesh.

Salmon is pretty ok (typically low parasite load) - especially wild - and I cook my salmon rare-ish but I might have second thoughts if my food came through the United States regulatory framework.

Tapeworm now found in US salmon

For preference, I'd have either tossed the uneated raw portion on the skillet (or zapped it for 20-30 seconds in the microwave) before refrigerating (bacterial concerns).

But yeah, if you cooked it through the next day, no problems.
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Update: I microwaved the uneaten portion of salmon and ate it for dinner last night, with no ill consequences!
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I do this every time I cook salmon, never had a problem. If it's "done" it's overdone, in my opinion.
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