What is new in your field?
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I want to know what the new areas of research, or new discoveries, are in your field. Things such as CRISPR in biology. I'm interested in all fields, not just the sciences, but I'm especially interested in math and sciences. I also want to know where to go to hear more news about new discoveries. I read Quanta Magazine occasionally. Where else should I be looking? I want to be reading accurate sources, both shorter sources and ones that go more into depth.
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Science News is a great magazine/website to stay up to date on the latest science in way that is written for intelligent non-expert. For years, I kept the latest copy in the bathroom - a bunch of short articles plus a couple of 2-4 page longer discussions in all areas of science from astronomy to biology to geology and more.
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New Scientist is a good read.
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In Economics, one could read issues of the National Bureau of Economic Research Digest. The NBER's working paper series is probably the most 'important' in economics and the digest summarizes some of the papers posted in a relatively accessible way.
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Nature and Science, the two biggest scientific journals, each have a good weekly podcast. There's usually one topic that they go into quite a lot of depth with.
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Phys.org is a solid source of all sorts of science news. Despite the name, it’s more than just physics.
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I'm personally fond of Derek Lowe's In the Pipeline, a blog on chemistry, drug discovery, and the pharmaceutical industry. For a more general blog , there's Slate Star Codex, which occasionally discusses published papers and has general threads that collect a lot of interesting medical/technology/polisci/legal events ongoing. There are sources linked for any science articles on the site.
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