How to buy life insurance with the fewest steps?
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My husband has tried getting life insurance multiple times, but something always interrupts the process. Is there a way he can go from start to insured in one day? If not, what are the fewest possible steps, to limit the number of ways he can get sidetracked?

Buying life insurance typically takes a number of steps over weeks to months: forms, phone calls, physicals, etc. I managed to navigate the process to get life insurance years ago, but my husband keeps getting sidetracked. He'll complete the first few steps and then he'll get busy and stop before he can complete the process.

What's the most streamlined way to buy life insurance that you know? Ideal would be a physical place he could go in, answer questions, get a physical, write a check, and walk out with insurance in one day. He's athlete healthy, if that helps, and I have no doubt he'd be in the best rated category any insurer offers -- he just hasn't been able to jump through all of the hoops.
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Can you clarify where you are? US? Which state?
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In my experience, the answer is working with an insurance broker, because they have a real interest in getting you to complete the process. (Meaning, they get $ from the insurance company once you're signed up.) For us, this meant that Mr. BlahLaLa's untraditional work schedule required the insurance company sending a medical tech to our house to draw blood and get the other info they needed. So we didn't accomplish everything in one day, but we also didn't need to go anywhere. (If you happen to be in Southern Cal I'll tell you who I used.)
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I got a policy through a Northwestern Mutual agent years ago - he came to my work to fill out the forms, etc., and then they sent a doctor at some point who met me near my work. There was little hassle on my end other than the meetings.
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I worked with a broker and it took like 3 weeks all told. I think they have to verify things and so that takes a little bit of time.
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Best answer: I had a great experience using Ladder. No physicals, no phone calls, all online. This is for term life insurance only. Maybe it's the millenial in me but I really liked just doing it all on a website without any extra steps or people trying to upsell me on things. YMMV.
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Response by poster: We're in Washington DC to answer beagle's question
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