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I've got three young fruit trees, plans to get more, and a couple blueberry bushes. I've taken a pruning class but I would like a good reference resource for keeping these trees & bushes pruned and healthy. What's the best book on pruning - ideally fruit-tree specific? (I live in the SF Bay Area.)

If you have a general interest garden book recommendation that has an excellent section on pruning, that's fine too.
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I was referred to this book by (can't remember who) as the best pruning book.

It's a whole big book just about Pruning. It has a 55 page section on fruit trees specifically, and about 20 pages on "soft fruits". I learned a ton, although I was reading about ornamental trees and shrubs. It doesn't skimp on the technical stuff.

I see there is also a new version but I don't have that (yet hehe).
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You should own the Sunset Western Garden Book regardless. It has a good section on pruning fruit trees.
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The Holistic Orchard: the pruning section is not the most exhaustive but the rest of the book is invaluable when it comes to keeping your trees healthy and thriving.
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Run, don't walk, to get Cass Turnbull's Guide to Pruning. She made some great YouTube videos too. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly last year.
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