Where should I move in the DC area?
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In what neighborhoods in the DC area could I find a metro-accessible studio apartment for about $1500 a month?

I currently live with two roommates in Van Ness in a spacious three-bedroom for around $1100. I'm tired of living with roommates and am looking for a studio but I can't really afford more than $1500 and I don't have a car. I work on the Red line in downtown DC. Are there any neighborhoods where this is doable?

From cursory searching, I've found some decent-looking buildings in Clarendon/Ballston/Courthouse, Silver Spring, Takoma Park and Fort Totten where I could get a studio in that price range but wanted to see if there are any other possibilities. Also, I've never lived in any of these neighborhoods, so I'd like to learn more about them. My most important requirement is really that the metro be close by. I don't particularly care about restaurants or nightlife in my neighborhood, though groceries and basic necessities are important. Also, I'm a woman and would be living alone, so safety is important. From what I've read, Arlington and Silver Spring are very safe but I don't really know about Fort Totten.
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Near Union Station or NOMA; e.g. this one.
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Have you looked into buses as well? That might expand your search. My friend just found a studio in Mt. Pleasant for about $1300. Prices will go up as summer nears.
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My building, The Terano, has 1 bedrooms that start at $1490. So it’s the top end of your price range, but is just outside the parking lot to the Twinbrook metro station, with groceries and shopping easily walkable. In general I like this neighborhood a lot so even if you don’t go with my building you should explore the area and see what you can find.
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This may seem like a "duh" answer, but have you tried looking at Craigslist and using the price filters and then looking via map view? You can also look via map view on apartments.com, for instance. I really think it depends what you want -- i.e., washer/dryer, square footage, etc. -- so it's a little hard to give a blanket location. I'd use map view and look for places near metro stops.
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It looks like you are already considering Silver Spring, but I can vouch for the rental unit price, walkability, and metro accessibility factors there. There are a few grocery stores within walking distance of downtown area/metro, and while it's not on your list of needs, it is super neat to be able to casually walk over to the movie theater and see if anything good is playing. The area around the metro is well lit and full of shopping/dining stuff and people coming and going so it feels pretty safe.

The older and more reasonably priced buildings do have some pest problems but that may be more of a city life problem than a Silver Spring problem.
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Friendship Heights? On the red line, safe, walkable, and within your price range.
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$1500 for a studio is not too difficult in DC, especially if you don't mind older buildings with fewer amenities. If you like Van Ness, there are definitely sub-$1500 units available right there, but honestly, you can find something just about anywhere outside of maybe the really trendy part of Shaw. I definitely second Craigslist and would add Lovely.
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