Baby, why you want to hurt me?
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Have you had success repositioning your baby in the womb?

I'm about a week away from giving birth and the baby is in the right position for birth, but in the wrong position for comfort - and it's causing some rather gnarly health issues due to downward pressure on my "sensitive areas". Has anyone found a way to relieve some of that pressure either through positions during sleep or sitting, exercises or stretches or just about anything else? I'm tempted to hang upside down just to relieve this pressure.
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Floating in water- even a sit in my teeny bathtub helped.
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Yep, water. I must have swum thirty miles in the final weeks of my pregnancy.
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This is kind of stupid, but it worked for me. I took the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, placed it on my giant belly and yelled her name into it. It was enough to startle her into shifting her weight around and repositioning.
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^ that is so funny, I'm dying laughing over here.


I'll second water. What it does is allow your stomach to float away from your pelvis a bit. I swam up until the end of my pregnancy as well and it was the only thing that gave my hips and pelvis some relief. Toward the end I wasn't moving very fast and I did have to keep getting out of the water to pee every 15 minutes but it was so worth it.
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Plus side: I went into labor within 24 hours of this pain getting so bad I couldn't hold still. It may be a sign that labor is like today, and that is a way to get rid of this pain.
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Yes, very much sounds like how I felt a day or so before giving birth. I like the bath idea but I think it's just a sign you're almost there!
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Sounds like baby might be engaging?
Get your delivery stuff ready just in case. Good luck and congrats! :)
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When I had a prenatal massage, the therapist said she could often move the baby to a more comfortable position. It did not work for my twins, but if you're really uncomfortable, it may be worth trying. Also, I also endorse standing in a pool, or lying in the tub.
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A maternity belt may help!

Also: try an ice cube, hold it against the baby's butt/back - baby will move away from the cold...
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Sitting on a yoga/exercise ball was the only way I sat in those last few days.
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Standing yoga poses and light stretches in a swimming pool. Also, light flutter kicks with a kickboard. Nthing that baby may come sooner than you think!
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TBH, I meditated and asked her to move her ass and she did. YMMV
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I distracted the hell out of myself and read Jaws books. I also had my midwife strip my membranes a day before my due date and BAM
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Cat/Cow yoga poses help!

Good luck!
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