Executive health experiences?
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Do you have any experience with executive health programs? Can you share some of it?

I've recently gotten much better health insurance (Aetna) which includes some access to Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic. I've also recently moved to a new state and I'm having trouble finding a quality doctor(s) in my locality.

With a variety of "interesting" medical conditions, some rare but none life threatening (yet) or well managed, I've been considering an executive health program to get a really complete workup and get some of these things under control. I plan on establishing a local doctor but I'd also really like a very complete workup. I'm not technically an executive, but I'm capable of paying my side of the cost of these programs. I'm in the Hudson Valley of New York so travel to Mayo or Cleveland or Duke is an additional cost and my doctors at these programs might have to work with my local doctors as well.

Have you done this? What was your experience?
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I've done something similar to an executive health program and have also gone through a medical center similar to Mayo.

I think an executive health program would be helpful in picking up new issues/improving overall health and not in managing rare conditions. The focus of the program I did was on running more blood tests to screen for undiagnosed issues. Nutrition and lifestyle treatment was also a big part. It was care that isn't considered cost effective enough for insurance.

For a rare and already diagnosed conditions, traveling to see specialists at Mayo and Cleveland might be your best option. Depending on the particular condition, there may be a better clinic closer to you in NYC.
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