Help me find the postpunk primitivist illustrator of my dreams.
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I'm looking to hire an illustrator who can do (or specializes in!) work in the vein of Neville Brody's classic album covers [1] [2] [3]. I am completely at sea in the world of commissioning original art. Any recommendations for (a) people you know of who work in this style, or (b) schooling me on how one finds and hires talented visual/graphic artists nowadays? (Assume I don't want to insult them or myself by using a platform like Fiverr. I believe in paying people a humane sum for their craft.)
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This is about finding artists (maybe especially for creating album/single artwork), not so much negotiating terms & hiring:

1) Ask/look around in your local music scene - lots of clubs (especially smaller punk/indie clubs) will have a couple of people they use to create flyers and posters for shows, and tons of local bands have self-released stuff where they've needed artwork done. Plus lots of musicians also have some talent in the visual arts (people in bands being graduates of art school is not unusual).

2) Check out the online archives of your local arts & culture newspaper - I know there's the LA Weekly, I'm sure there are others - which will have regularly produced articles on local artists.

3) Check out local art galleries.

4) Online. Most semi-serious artists looking for commissions have some kind of web portfolio. Maybe try a reverse image search starting with the works you like and see what comes up in "related."
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Here are a few hopefully helpful links:
How To Hire an Illustrator (according to an illustrator), which includes advice like How to Contact an Illustrator, as well as a form to Submit a Job
Illustrators listing on BEHANCE, a pretty widely used portfolio site
INKY illustration agency
A.GOODSON illustration agency
... also, just do a search for “illustration agency,” and loads more come up.

With the specific style that you're looking for, you might also look around for artists who do portraiture or figurative work in paint, pastel, and charcoal — who may not think of themselves as “illustrators” or advertise as such — and see about commissioning a work from them. (On preview, similar to soundguy99's advice.)
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ello may help you find someone whose style you like -- it's pivoted itself into a more artist-focused network, and you can browse people's portfolios. Many artists on there have contact info or links to their patreons, so if someone catches your eye you can easily ask for a commission. There are a fair number of bands on there, too, so if you see an album cover you like, you could ask them who did it for them and go from there.
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Have you tried contacting Neville Brody?
Might get you nowhere, might get you some good info.
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