How to clean a projection screen
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I need to clean smudged dry erase marker off a projection screen. It seems like it's vinyl. When I walked into the room to make sure the equipment was working in preparation for tomorrow's presentation, the mark was just a blue line about 8 inches long. I tried to make it better. Now it's a gray smudge about 6" x 10".

Alcohol? Peroxide? Cotton balls? Unicorn tears? What can I use to clean this up? It doesn't need to be perfect, but I would like it to be better.
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Alcohol. But patch test a tiny tiny spot in the corner first to make sure you won't be doing violence to the surface.
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Isopropanol 70% or 99% is easily available at most drug stores in the first aid section.

As flabdablet points out, do a spot test somewhere innocuous, but 2-prop's pretty mild.

You can apply with cotton balls, but a paper towel should be fine.

"Soaking" it (leaving on for a little while before wiping dry) can also help re-solublize the pigment.
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Possibly some Goo Gone. Test that too.
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I think alcohol shrinks vinyl. I would rub the spot gently with a q-tip. Or put chalk over it to cover the smudge.
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Windex works on permanent marker on whiteboard, so... maybe? Also Magic Eraser but test it to make sure it doesn't do anything weird to the texture of the screen.
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Screens are usually vinyl, yeah, but most have a coating that helps reflect the image back at the audience, and that's what you're in danger of damaging.

Da-Lite, a company that makes a lot of screens, suggests:

1) mix of distilled water and dish detergent

2) Clorox Green Works or Formula 409

3) Isopropyl alcohol as a last resort

From personal experience, you should use a soft cotton rag, like an old T-shirt (you can buy bags of "old T-shirt rags" in most big-box hardware stores); rub in one direction, not in circles; don't scrub hard, be fairly gentle; because you're not scrubbing hard, you're gonna want to do a LOT of passes across the screen - don't just swipe it a few times and then give up, give yourself at least fifteen minutes of regular wiping to see if you're having an effect. You need to put some "elbow grease" into it, but that's in terms of time, not effort, if you see what I mean.
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Seconded. It should be the cleaning product doing the work, not you; your job is to give it enough time and access to do that.
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Speaking from recent experience, it's not coming out.
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Thanks everyone. I am armed with various solutions and some cotton balls. I will report back.
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Yeah. It pains me to say that goatdog is right.

But a sheet of legal paper and four small pieces of tape does the trick for now.
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