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Our family is thinking about a new summer vacation spot in the Lake George area. Our go-to spot in the past has been Lake Tahoe, NV but for reasons, we're staying in the East Coast area this year. We're in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia and looking for something within 5-6 drive from home.

We've rented a cabin near Burlington, VT on Lake Champlain in the past and looking for a similar experience. We're open to exploring rentals from hotels, motels, cabins or even B&Bs. Right now, we're planning on just my husband and I with our 13 year old daughter. I'd prefer to have the options of being able to cook half of our meals (to save money and because hubs and kiddo are notoriously unadventurous with food.) They are the types to want to cycle, hike and kayak but I want to be able to be nearby sitting in the sun with a book.

Tell me if I should be looking into other towns or lakes that are hidden gems, off the track adventures or restaurants!
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My family did a trip to Lake George when I was a teenager and I still remember the side trip we did to nearby Barton Garnet Mine (warning: badly aged website).
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It has been mumbledy decades, but I grew up about two hours south of Lake George, and for several summers the family camped for a week up at Roger's Rock on the north end of the lake, with lots of hiking and swimming, and I remember that very fondly.

My aunt and uncle also have a cabin up on Sacandaga, and back in the very early '80s we spent some time in their cabin and I remember it similarly fondly. Only Sacandaga had the thrill of A10s and C130s making low training passes over the lake.

Someone up on Sacandaga has to be willing to rent you a cabin for the week...
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I'm pretty sure I'm morally obligated to suggest the Silver Bay YMCA. It has cabins with kitchens as well as an EXTREMELY bland dining hall, perfect for picky eaters, lots of outdoor activities, and a distinct, uh, rustic feel.
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The Finger Lakes in upstate western NY are pretty wonderful too. You can rent cabins in various state parks, although they're probably all booked by now. Walk fabulous gorge trails, swim in waterfalls, and do all the lake kind of stuff too like swimming and kayaking. I'm partial to Cayuga Lake but don't have any concrete suggestions for places to stay.
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Seconding the Finger Lakes. Stay on Skaneateles Lake for the town and a variety of lodging options, and make day trips to Ithaca for gorges, Bear Swamp State Forest for big hiking and Baltimore Woods in Marcellus next door for easy hiking & nature talks. Don't miss the rope swing on the causeway on Otisco Lake. Lake George is not my scene, way too crowded!

NJ/PA has a ton of stuff too - the NJ side of Delaware Water Gap is stunning, with tons of outdoorsy stuff to do but lots of antiquing, spas, relaxing, etc. too. The Lehigh Valley in PA is the same.
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Look at cabins on Fifth lake, it allows a lot of boating.
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Parts of Lake George are kind of...Seaside Heights-ish. Just wanted to throw that out there. I was really surprised to see the Jersey Shore Snooki (she now lives 20 min from me) drinking and partying in outdoor bars on decks overlooking the lake. It also didn't seem to be limited to land.

I would definitely look into the Finger Lakes. Seneca Lake or Watkins Glen are both absolutely beautiful. If you end up in Seneca, definitely check out Seneca Farms - best homemade fried chicken and ice cream I've ever had anywhere (including Atlanta). Watkins Glen has waterfalls that are just stunning and is known for it's hiking trails. The Corning Glass Museum isn't far from there and has a glass studio where you can make stuff.

If you're up for the ride, Lake Placid is just stunning. My husband and I decided to drive up there on an absolute whim the weekend before 9/11. We got there in the middle of the night, and when we woke up and opened the drapes in the morning, WOW! I can't describe incredibly stunning the view was. Really cute little town and stuff to do (I wished I had brought clothes to kayak but it hadn't even occurred to me). It's also a pretty ride.
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I can't help with accommodation as we usually do day trips, or stop en route elsewhere, but if you do it -- Ft. Ticonderoga is great.
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