Gender reveal cake
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I'm coming out as nonbinary trans at work in three weeks, and am planning on getting a tongue-in-cheek gender reveal cake to celebrate getting through the day. I want the cake to say something that expresses "My gender is: who cares", but funnier and friendlier than that. My boo and my nearest and dearest friends are going to be eating this with me. Funnier-than-me minds of MeFi, what should it say?
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idk but it should definitely be funfetti
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Your pronouns? Maybe as a cake topper, like one of these?
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Seconding the funfetti, as I thought exactly the same thing. It is many-colored, but is also just a decorative element to the whole of the cake itself. Plus it's sprinkles and sprinkles = fun.
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Oooh, good clarification - this will not be news to anyone I will be eating cake with, merely celebrating getting through the reveal earlier in the day.
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"My gender is awesome"?
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My gender is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and my pronouns are _______
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It's a me
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What I thought of was the Bill Nye "Now You Know" graphic but you said your friends already know. So maybe "Now They Know"?
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i just friggin love this idea. gender reveal cakes are usually pink or blue, the "reveal" being when it gets cut right? (which it's all so silly / messed up, but i digress). what if you like, had "my gender is delicious!!!" and then filled the cake like this with a whole buncha your fave rainbowy candies? this is literally such a sweet way to celebrate, i hope it all goes well!
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Here are all the ideas various MeFites have come up with.
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It's a bit pronoun-focused (and might not match yours) but in a recent similar situation I made much use of these charming giant ants.
No terror like them known by man or beast before!
A horror horde of crawl-and-crush giants!
Could be printed onto an icing sheet.

Bonus idea: chop your two favourite cakes in half, stick the mismatched halves together, write both/neither/something else/nah/wevs/pffft/hurrah across the top in writing icing.

Hope it all goes swimmingly!
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Do you and your friends like Star Wars?

"Only the cis deal in absolutes"

Obviously with a cute yoda image to go with it. This was the title of a trans thread I saw on a forum ages ago.
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Congrats, how exciting! And what a fun idea!

This seems like as good an excuse for rainbow cake as any. (I am very biased towards brightly colored things, fwiw.) The Cake Boss dude sells a box mix that is "tie-dye" so a little less straight-up rainbow. The "pinata" cake would be really fun and celebratory too.

Good luck!
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Oh! I had an idea about this a while ago after binge watching too much food tv. Gender is an intangible social construct, right, so to express that you'd need something intangible... but also edible. And so my idea is: a cotton candy surprise dessert.

Make a funfetti rainbow sprinkle cupcake or cookie or brownie/blondie, decorate with sugar question marks or smiley faces or your pronouns or hearts and stars or whatever you like. Plate on top of some yummy fruit, but make sure to keep any moist cut surfaces covered by the baked good. Then entirely envelop the whole shebang in clouds of bright pink and blue cotton candy. Provide pots of relatively unsweet sauce, maybe chocolate but something like a vanilla cream or a lemon syrup would be delicious, feel free to booze it up. And then everybody pours the sauce over the cloud of pointlessly gendery cotton candy to reveal your nonbinary cake and fruit, and the cotton candy magically melts into the sauce to sweeten it!
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IT’S A HUMAN!!!!! Purple lettering, purple balloons. Or orange or whatever you like.
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To both surprise and delight your friends as you revel in relief, what about a cake that looks fairly standard, embellished with iced words and/or objects as you see fit, but when cut reveals a checkerboard pattern using whatever two colors resonate for you. They're pretty easy to make and don't require special equipment. Here's some randomly chosen instructions. Congrats!
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I'm not a huge fan of super-fussy interior colors (trying to get perfect polka dots or shapes or 6 different colored layers, or whatever) but I did try this technique for rainbow swirl cake, and it was easy and impressive.
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For some reason yellow vanilla is really coming to mind. Subverting expectations!
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Only the cis deal in absolutes

Oh this got me bad. Bust out laughing in my office.

"it's a person" was going to be mine
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I would suggest purple insides (because it's both pink and blue) but Funfetti is better!

If you do the thing where you cut the cake and candies fall out, bear in mind you can get custom-printed M&Ms.
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"It's a ... person!"
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Camo or tie-dye cake, in yellow, green, purple, orange, or any of your favorite colors, not necessarily pink & blue. Your pronouns in the same colors. Pinterest has lots of results for non-binary trans images, you might find inspiration.
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What if it was a “piñata cake” but then when you cut into it, it’s a doll/figurine with your face on it?

Too weird?

No, not weird enough
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Are you doing it on Mardi Gras? How about a King/Queen cake?
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If you decorate with a bunch of question marks (and you're a geek) then you could say "It's a Time Lord!"

Okay too gendered, although I say technically not really...or it's a Time Person!

Sorry, too nerdy. Funfetti for reals though.
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How about white frosting sprinkled with funfetti that when cut into reveals a three-layer cake with layers of lavender, white, and green?

For text, I lean towards “my gender identity is nah” but your experience may differ.
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Thank you so much for all the suggestions so far! Coincidentally, my entry into the Star Wars universe was concurrent with the beginning of my coming-out process, so I've marked that as best so far...
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I'd do a funfetti cake with Bleep's "It's a me" suggestion on the top in icing, but have a little mardi-gras king cake baby baked in EACH SLICE, so that you can say, "it's a human!" when the babies are revealed.
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Ube cake if you're near a Filipino bakery.
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I would frost a giant pile of naan.
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Maybe have a reference to the Greendale Human Beings mascot?
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