Where to stay in Singapore?
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I'm planning a short trip to Singapore later this year, but unsure which area of the city to stay in. I'm looking for somewhere with a lively downtown vibe and plenty to do in the evenings - bars, live music, theatre, comedy etc. I won't have a car so I'll be walking everywhere. Thanks.
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Just in case, since you mention walking everywhere, you are aware that Singapore has an excellent mass transit system (the MRT rail system and many buses), right? If you're not used to the constant heat and humidity, walking for long periods of time can be exhausting.

Also, what is your budget? Singapore is the most expensive city in the region so your budget may dictate recommendations.

Clarke Quay in central Singapore may fit the bill as it has lots of nightlife and restaurants and is quite centrally located, though it was too expensive an area for me to stay in when I was in Singapore (thus my question about the budget).
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Clarke Quay and Chinatown are your best bets. FYI I found taxis less than half the price they are in Australia whilst there, not sure how that compares to you.
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I should have clarified I meant southeast Asia -- Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
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I agree, no one walks everywhere because it's so damn hot/raining like crazy, and cabs and the train are so easy (Use Grab the app, not Uber for cabs). What's a short stay - a few days or a few weeks? If weeks, definitely look for an airbnb, not a hotel. It's very compact so getting around isn't much of an issue as long as you're not staying in Jurong, Woodlands or Changi on the edges. Like, literally - 20 to 30 minutes anywhere.

Tiong Bahru is a neat area for a visitor, a mix of hipster and local. Little India/Farrer has some very nice boutique hotels and the area is fantastic to wander around, and very close to the CBD. I would also try Bugis and Outram/Chinatown too.

The Timeout website has a decent rundown of what's on locally for when you're visiting.
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Ok I lived in Singapore for 4 years. For the best value and based on what you said, you want to find a place somewhere on the green line around Aljuned or Paya Lebar.
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Thanks very much, everyone. I've found a place in Chinatown, so that's one more thing sorted.

When I said I'd be walking everywhere, all I really meant was that I won't have a car. I've been to Singapore once before, so I know just how uncomfortable the climate there can be, and I'll certainly be using public transport and taxis to get around.
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