Antihistamines + sublingual immunotherapy (allergy desensitisation)?
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Can I take antihistamines at the same time as undergoing allergy desensitisation via sublingual immunotherapy?

I've searched and found several references to taking antihistamines before allergy shots, or afterwards (to treat local reactions at the injection site). I haven't found anything about sublingual treatment, though, and that's what I'm taking.

Further details in case they're helpful:

I'm currently taking Grazax sublingual tablets, one every morning, ahead of the grass-pollen season. Unfortunately, I'm also allergic to birch pollen and that season is starting now. My allergy clinic messed up and didn't arrange treatment for that last autumn, and I'm starting to get snotty symptoms.

Please tell me I can take antihistamines for this and it won't stop the Grazax working!
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This is a question that would be best reserved for your doctor. Ask your doctor.
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My gut response was "antihistaimes will reduce the effectiveness of immunotherapy" but that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case

I second the "ask your doctor" suggestion, but in the short term, if you're feeling particularly miserable, today, taking an antihistamine isn't going to completely nullify progress up to this point. Good luck!
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You should definitely ask your doctor.

That said, I started taking sublingual immunotherapy for my allergies 2 months ago (it's not a brand name like Grazax, it's developed custom in my doctor's office for my specific allergies, the way allergy shots would be). And my doctor said to keep taking antihistamines, flonase, and anything else I need in the meantime.

Also, my dog has a similar customized sublingual immunotherapy and he also takes Zyrtec on top of that.
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