Seedbox for bittorrent with unencrypted HTTP downloads
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Can you recommend a reliable seedbox provider (for use with bittorrent) that offers/allows directory viewing and downloading via HTTP without a password?

My current seedbox provider, as is typical, offers a web-based bittorrent client for initiating and managing transfers and also allows me to view the directory of downloads and access files via HTTP. I must enter a login and password when accessing the bittorrent client but I *do not* have to enter a login and password to view the directory listing or download files from the directory view.

My provider is shutting down soon and in sampling the offerings of a few other providers, I have noticed that the unencrypted HTTP access I'm used to isn't a standard (or even available) feature.

I'm aware of all the good reasons for encryption and passwords but for my purposes I don't need the security and I really prefer to have the HTTP directory and download access without the extra steps and extra typing.

Can you recommend a seedbox provider that offers or allows unencrypted HTTP access to stored files? Thanks in advance!
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You could just rent a general-purpose server and run a bittorrent client and an HTTP server on it.

It's hard to be specific without knowing what platform and bandwidth you have in mind, but here's what I would do:
  • Get a virtual private server from a provider close to you geographically. DigitalOcean, Linode, OVH are some options. You can get good deals on high bandwidth with dedicated servers from providers like IBM or Rackspace, but the minimum monthly cost is much higher.
  • Install Transmission and set up its web UI for password-protected upload.
  • Install Nginx and edit its config file to serve the right directory. For example, edit /etc/nginx/nginx.conf to say:
    server {
      listen *:80;
      root /media/user/data;
      autoindex on;

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You might look at - they don't by default offer unsecured HTTP access, but you could set it up yourself. As far as I can tell, they don't have any rule against that. Added: you can memail me if you need help with that.
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